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Kajitaxe 1 year ago
Don't sugar coat it! Tell us how you really feel!
Nezil 1 year ago
Quisiera poder lamerte ahi abajo hasta que te vengas en mi vara
Brarn 1 year ago
Sorry Marvel Universe for the attacks from other dimensions you'll face now that there is no more Time Stone that Dr. Strange can access.
Voodoozshura 1 year ago
I'd demolish that mouth
Faubar 1 year ago
I liked Black Flag because it showed all the journey Edward had to go until he became an Assassin. It wasn't like Connor or other protagonists that quickly and simply accepted the Creed. Edward questioned, doubted, challenged. Until he truly understood what the Creed was and decided to join them. The story has flaws, of course, but it's the best we have after Ezio (especially if you consider that Odyssey is nothing but a story about Greek warriors, 'cause it has absolutely nothing to do with Assassin's Creed).