The College boasts of a team of professionals who provide a Psycho-Social Service. This team includes a Counsellor, a Career Guidance Teacher, a Career Advisor, a Pyscotherapist, a Psychology Assistant; as well as a number of trainees on the job. We also have a number of Guidance Teachers (based in our secondary schools), three Inclusion Co-Ordinators in our primary, middle and secondary schools respectively, a Social Worker, a Social Support Worker, and the Nurture Group Team.

The College has extended its Guidance Service to reach the Primary schools, in order that problems faced by our younger pupils are tackled at a very early stage. This service is being provided in collaboration with the Guidance Teachers in secondary schools.

The College introduced a Walk-In Service for students who have just concluded their final year in Secondary Schools. This service helps these students to decide on career choice as well as further studies. It is available during the summer months.

Anna Maria Abela, INCO

Maria Costa, INCO

Christine Borg, Trainee INCO

Rowena Camilleri Roberts, Psychotherapist

Nabrouska Cassr, Psychology Assistant

Sasha Farrugia, Counsellor

Joanne Vella, Trainee Counsellor

Maria Vella, Trainee Counsellor

Stephanie Said, Social Worker

Aaron Cortis, Career Advisor

Rodianne Azzopardi, Trainee Career Advisor

Xuereb Gabriela Ann, Social Support Worker


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