College-based Literacy Action Plans have been established and included in each Primary School Development Plan (SDP), after a thorough consultation with all the relevant stakeholders. These action plans (in draft form) have been compiled on a CD and distributed to all concerned. The Literacy Action Plan caters for the needs of all kindergarten and primary school pupils (Years 1-6), and are in line with the National Policy and Strategy for the Attainment of Core Competences in Primary Education. Besides, schools have also produced their own Statutory Action Plans (SAP) to address literacy problems which are still prevailing at the end of Year Three. The Literacy Support Teacher and Complementary Teachers work hand in hand with Class Teachers of both Year Three and Year Four, in order to ensure that these problems are tackled before it is too late.

Head of Department: Ms. Eleanor Vella

Literacy Support Teachers: Ms. Anabelle Azzopardi, Ms. Marcon Galea

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