Are you a student? Have you been asking yourself what job you will have in the future? What do you enjoy studying and what are you good at? Are you a worried parent who wants your children to succeed in life? Are your children at cross roads and need to make an informed choice about their future?

All these questions will be answered during the I Choose event with the help of career guidance practitioners who will be available to discuss all the different opportunities available after secondary school and guide you accordingly.


These include:

  • Information about SEC revision classes
  • Information about transition from Secondary to Post Secondary Schools
  • Talks and discussions about different career paths, including: Tourism, ICT, Health Care, Creative Arts, ICT, Construction, Finance and Sports

The sessions will be held on Thursday and Saturday, 7-8 July 2017, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.  Full program of events can be accessed by clicking on this link: Talks for I Choose (Malta).

For more information , and to make an appointment, please call 99914356 and speak to the Guidance Team who will be able to offer further support on the matter.

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