Registration of students

Parents of children who are two years and nine months old by the beginning of October/ February may register their children directly at the primary school of their locality at the office of the secretary. The I.D. cards of both parents or guardian/s need to be presented.
An appointment with a doctor or health assistant shall be given.

Parents of children who are two years and nine months old by the beginning of October/February, but who wish to register their children in a primary school outside their locality are to obtain a written permission from the Office of the Principal. The following documents should be presented with the registation form:

• the I.D. card of both parents or guardian/s;

• a copy of the latest Water and Electricity Bill.

An appointment with a doctor or health assistant shall also be given in this case.

Transfer between schools

Parents who wish to transfer their children from one school to another should obtain a written permission from the Office of the Principal, unless they can produce evidence (e.g. I.D. card) which shows that they reside in the locality of the new school.

Medical Certification

Parents of pupils attending kindergarten classes need not provide medical certification to justify their pupils’ absence from school. On the other hand, parents of pupils attending primary and secondary classes need to provide a medical certificate if their children are away from school for more than three days in a particular month. These medical certificates are to state the reason for the child’s absence and the date by which he or she should be fit to return to school.

MMDNA Service

The MMDNA provides a service in our schools for children who need to receive medication during school hours. Parents need to fill and sign an application form and submit medical evidence of their children’s needs. They are also expected to provide the relevant medication as required.

Court Documentation

Parents who are separated may only prevent each other from collecting a child from school if they provide the relevant court order, specific to their case.

Transport Provision

Primary school pupils residing more than 1.2 km away from school premises are entitled to free transport, to and from school. Transport is also provided to all secondary school students.

Data Protection

All schools within the College are duty bound to protect all data about each and every child. For this reason parents may only view information about their own children.

Consent forms

On admission to one of the schools of the College, parents are asked to fill in consent forms pertaining to the following:

a. Emergency Medical Assistance;

b. Head check by Health Assistants;

c. Use of photographic/video material;

d. Use of the internet and computers.

End of Secondary Certificate & Profile

All students are given a School Leaving Certificate, issued by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, at the end of Form V. It will incorporate:

a. A record of Formal Education (teacher assessment marks, examination marks and levels of achievement from Form to Form V);
b. Participation in Non-Formal Education (a record of participation in school activities which take place alongside formal education);
c. Participation in Informal Education (a record of participation in activities outside school hours, such as sports, music, drama, etc.);
d. Personal Qualities (i.e. leadership, entrepreneurship, sense of respect, adherence to regulations, altruism, teamwork, communicative skills, sense of responsibility, interest in learning and self-confidence);
e. A record of attendance.

Tuck Shops

Tuck shops operating within our secondary schools are now obliged to provide healthy food products to the young customers.


Lockers are available in all secondary schools in order to ensure that students do not have to carry excessive weights on a daily basis. These are also being introduced in our primary schools.