The schools within the College adopt a number of policies, procedures, rules and regulations that underpin all facets of school life. These include:

Code of Conduct

The aim is to help children understand that through good behaviour they can achieve more and enjoy themselves more while doing so. Children, from a very young age, are introduced to the concept of rights and duties, and to the direct and consequential relationship between the two.

Homework Policy

The aim of this policy is to help children understand the value of HW, to guide teachers to give the right amount of work set at the appropriate level of the child, and to recommend effective ways and means through which parents can help their children to get the best benefit out of it.

Healthy Lifestyle Policy

HELP is a national policy which has now been adopted by all schools within the College. It promotes a lifestyle which is characterised by healthy eating and drinking, both at school as well as outside it. This is complemented with a programme of regular physical activity. Parents are also being involved in these programmes in order to ensure that what is started in our schools is continued in our children’s homes.

Health and Safety Policy

Each school within the College has its own Health and Safety Policy, which ensures that all students and members of staff work in an environment which is physically safe and  conducive to learning.

Language Policy

Our College promotes bilingualism, helping its students to become confident and fluent speakers, as well as good readers and writers in both Maltese and English.

School Bag Policy

This policy ensures that pupils do not carry excessive weight. It educates pupils to make proper use of the school time-table and lockers in order that they minimise the amount of books and school items they carry in their bags.

Educational Outings Policy

Each school has its own policy inspired by a national one which provides the guidelines for such educational outings.

Diversity Policy

This policy addresses issues related to pupils of different nationalities, religions, colour, race, language and abilities.

Assessment Policy

This policy is intended to provide feedback for the class teachers, the pupils and their parents in order to ensure further learning.

Waste Management Policy

In line with environmental initiatives by Dinja Waħda and Eko Skola, schools promote waste separation, recycling and the use of compost bins.

Literacy Policy

This is a College-based drive to improve literacy skills in the early years of primary in both languages. It envisages statutory action plans for those pupils who still lag behind at the end of year three, as well as literacy triads, which provide further support.